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UPDATED: February 8, 2014

Another great year is in the books and they seem to get better and better.  It is great to have all the kids come out and participate and to have the support of the parents and community.


Mark your calendars as 2015 online registration will start on November 1, 2014!!! 


Letter from the President:

10 years ago, several dads got together to create the EBYBA.  When approaching businesses for donations, some were skeptical saying they were not sure we would be around long enough to warrant a donation.  10 years later we are going strong.

I have been the President for the past 10 years and it is difficult to believe but my youngest, who was 2 years old when we started the league is completing his last year.  He will be in seventh grade next year. 

I want to thank everyone who worked hard over the years to make this league what it is today.  Although it will be difficult to step back and take on fewer responsibilities it will give others a chance to step up and move the league forward.

Brad Crist will take on the role of President next year.  I ask that each of you step up and assist him.  People do not know the work that goes into running the league.  Putting out the signs for registration, setting up the online registration, downloading the registrations, dividing up the kids by grade, begging for coaches, determining how many teams can be created from the list of kids, begging for coaches, scheduling tryouts, begging for coaches, organizing the draft, updating the website with the teams and all of the information, ordering the jerseys, scheduling the practices, opening the gyms for practice, cleaning the gyms after practices, moving the goals from one gym to another, holding the coaches meeting, separating the jerseys, distributing the jerseys, checking the JH and Varsity basketball schedules to find the open dates for the gyms, coordinating the use of the gyms with the school, creating the schedule, ordering the medals for the players and the trophies for the skills challenge, create the schedule for the referees, hold a referee camp, arrive around 5:20 for each game night to set up the goals, leave around 9:15pm after putting up the chairs and sweeping the floors, be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave, coordinate the skills challenge, run the skills challenge, move all the goals back to the Jr High Gym, take a deep breath and get ready for next year.

Remember, before you know it your children will be grown and the chances you had to interact with them and their friends will be over.  You cannot get it back so take the opportunity now to do something, not only for your child, but the children of East Bernard.  Trust me when I say you will not regret it!

Lance Rejsek    



Please remember, if your child's game is the last game for the night and you are sitting in a folding chair, we ask that you return the chair to the chair rack.  It is much easier for one person to return one chair than it is for one person to return 50 chairs which is what happens to those who have the responsibility of cleaning the gym after the games. 


ATTENTION: When arriving for the 6pm games please DO NOT enter the gym until the Brahmas and Brahmarettes have completed practices.  We are lucky to have access to the gyms and need to respect their practices by not interrupting them.  Thank you in advance!! 

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